February 18, 2023

NETworks Cooperative Ministry


Networks Cooperative Ministry serves the surround Tucker, GA area with food and financial assistance. hey help families in need with groceries and money to help with bills. They're really involved in the community and have partnerships with key organizations and businessesin the community. They make positive impact in hte community and are always working hard to make the surrounding Tucker area a better place for everyone.


Our team created a special webpage for Networks Cooperative Ministry's campaign to raise $750k. We knew it was important to make it really clear and interesting, so we added pictures and videos that showed what the ministry does in Tucker, GA. We wanted visitors to understand why the campaign was important and how they could help. We made sure the webpage was easy to use, with buttons to donate and forms to contact them. We also made sure everything looked and sounded like Networks Cooperative Ministry, so people would trust it. Our work paid off – the webpage helped spread the word about the campaign and encouraged people to get involved and support their community.


To sum up, we made a special webpage for Networks Cooperative Ministry's campaign to raise $750k. We took professional photos and videos to draw interest and drive the need for partnering with Networks Cooperative Ministry. As Networks Cooperative Ministry keeps working to help Tucker, GA, gave them digital tools to drive donations and reach their goals. Together, we're making a better future for everyone involved.

Client Industry
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Website Design, Video
Squarespace, Adobe Premier, Sony A7III, Rode, Logic Pro X
Website Design