April 25, 2024

Smoke Rise Elementary School


Smoke Rise Elementary School, located in Tucker, Georgia, has a long history in the community and is committed to providing excellent education. Over the years, the school has grown significantly. The faculty and staff are dedicated to not only teaching well but also helping students grow personally. Classes are interesting and challenging, encouraging students to think critically and explore new ideas. The school focuses on building character and community involvement. Smoke Rise Elementary isn't just a school; it's a supportive community where parents, teachers, and students work together for a positive learning atmosphere.


Our team worked closely with the committee to make a 2-minute video showcasing Smoke Rise Elementary's greatness. We followed the script they gave us, focusing on showing the school's achievements and lively atmosphere. We wanted to highlight how their smart strategies, especially their use of data, have helped them succeed.

We made sure to include scenes that demonstrated the school's smart planning and use of information to improve. We showed things like lively classrooms and community projects to illustrate the school's dedication to creating a supportive learning environment. Our goal was to make a video that not only caught the attention of the selection committee but also showed Smoke Rise Elementary's commitment to helping students thrive.


In conclusion, the video we created shows how great Smoke Rise Elementary is and how much they care about their students' success. We're confident it will leave a strong impression on the selection committee because it highlights the school's achievements and community involvement. Smoke Rise Elementary's unique approach to education and vibrant school atmosphere make them a worthy candidate for the National ESEA Distinguished School award.

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